Friday, December 30, 2011

Bloghop winners ;o)

What a great Bloghop we had the past week ... we really enjoyed it and the cards you have made are amazing.  Every DT-girl had so many response on her blog. Thank you all! 
We will certainly do this again in the future.
Of course we all, in the team, choose our own winner by randomly drawing someone. 



Here is a list of all the winners.

Carol --> Lizy

Claire --> Paula (PEP)

Janneke --> Detje

Karin --> Aartje
Linda --> Aartje

Marion --> Mariken

Monique --> Elise 
Nicole --> Wilma

Renata --> Anita

Sandra --> Nicolet

Wilma --> Marijke
 Please contact the DT-member in front of your name by going to her blog and emailing her personally.

Our bloghop-sketch

We didn't have so many participants in the bloghop-sketch as we usually do have on our regular sketches. Everyone was probably busy enjoying family, friends, good food and Christmas presents :o)
But fortunatly we can draw a winner. 
And the one with the winning card is...

#9 is Judith from Kreatieve


Congratulations Judith you won the stamp, sponsored by our own Janneke!
You can email her on the email that you can find on the right side ;o)

Last but not least...
we all wish you a great New Years Eve and a creative 2012.
Thanks for joining us in 2011 and making this Christmas Challenge-blog a success :o)
We hope you'll be participating and keep visiting us in the new year. 
After all, we need new Christmas cards again, don't we?!

And if you want, you still have time, to join us in the current Challenge, which ends on Januari 1st. 
We'll be back with a new Challenge on Wednesday Januari 4th.

Hugs, CCWS Team 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Crazy Back Tattoos Designs For Women

In this modern life its get difficult to choose a tattoo design which is unique tattoo and stylish also the latest one. But before this it gets difficult to choose the perfect place for your New tattoo design and I think the best part of body is Back which is perfect for a crazy tattoo design.Back is a beautiful part of body where majority of people like to have interesting tattoos, as  Back 

Sexy Star Tattoos For Girls IDeas

Star tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos in both males and females. Some of them like the small twinkling stars tattoo look very feminine while others like the nautical stars are very masculine.

People who chose star tattoos have different reasons. For some people, they only like the appearance of star tattoos on one particular part of their body. For others, they relate themselves or

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our first blophop ;O)

Hi and welcome to the the first Christmas Challenges {with sketches} blog hop! 
We are so happy that you all want to join this first blophop on our Challenge blog. Every DT-girl in this hop has a litte prize for you so do not forget to write a comment or leave your name and bloglink in the post on the blogs from the DT-girls ;o)

Ofcourse we have a sketch for you, and when you have time please make a winter or Christmas theme card with it, leave your name and direct bloglink in Inlinkz and you can win a great stamp sponsered by Janneke. Here you see a image of the stamp you can win

You can upload your card on the CCWS Blog until December 29th 18:00 PM (Dutch time) and you can find the winner on the blog the day after, don't know what time yet, but somewhere in the morning .. and here is the sketch ..

From this blog you hop to Marion and so on. Here is the list if you get lost ;o)











and back to the CCWS BLOG, hopefully to enter your, with no doubt, beautiful card in Inlinkz :o)
Futhermore we want to thank you for all the gorgeous cards you've made with our sketches. Our first challenge-year was very succesful. And of course we will go on in 2012!

From all the DT-girls
Merry Christmas :o)


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cheryl Tweedy Thigh Tattoos Ideas

Cheryl Tweedy Thigh TattoosCheryl Ann Cole (aka Tweedy, born June 30, 1983) is a British singer and member of the band Girls Aloud. As part of Girls Aloud and as a featuring artist, Cole has had 21 UK Top Ten singles. In 2008, Cole became a judge on the British reality TV show The X Factor. She is married to the Chelsea and England football player Ashley Cole. Cole was voted "World's Sexiest

Best Infinity Tattoo Inspired Gallery

Infinity Tattoo Design neverending possibilities of manifesting yourself. This tattoo design is best described as a figure eight on its side, it is used to denote that which is limitless and without*boundary or end. The symbol as a tattoo would stand for the state or quality of being infinite. The concept of infinity first appeared as a mathematical conceit and was quickly adopted by

Sexy Tattoos For Girls Pics Gallery

Tattoos may not seem such a great idea when you have to deal with a stricter work environment. Unless you want your boss to stare at your new tattoo, you must think about concealing it or making it in a less visible place.Japanese tattoos, also called Irezumi, include designs such as koi fish and large dragons. Girls prefer them on the back or the arms, and some even on their hips.Some girls love

Tattoos For Men on Upper Back

Though upper back tattoos don’t have the high risk of infection other areas of the body have, it’s still important to take good care of your tattoo during aftercare. Another issue is fading. All tats fade, but exposure to sun can increase this remarkably, and since most people expose their upper back tattoos having fun in the sunshine, it’s important to always keep sunscreen handy to make sure

Dove Tattoos Design, The Symbol of Love and Peace

The dove, a beautiful white bird, is the universal symbol for Peace. The foundations for this go back to Biblical days particularly the Bible’s Old Testament. It was in the Old Testament when God had unleashed such torrential rain that the world flooded. Only Noah, his family and the creatures and animals on board the Ark he had built survived. After Noah’s ark had been drifting for days Noah

Shark Tattoos Design for Men Ideas 2012

Shark tattoos have long been seen as the artistic expression of bravery, and an emblem for protection. The predatory nature of the shark makes it the perfect symbol for fortitude and a toughness of spirit. Many sailors wore shark tattoos to show their fearlessness towards the often menacing temper of the sea. This general emotion, alongside the sleek body and intimidating appearance that these

Best Design Cross Tattoos For Men

So you want to ink your body with creative, unique designs? Well, most men opt to wear a tattoo to symbolize a number of things – miraculous recovery from illness, the person who has a special place in his heart, or his deep feelings and beliefs in life. A tattoo is meant to be worn forever so it should not be a spur of the moment decision but needs preparation.If you’re eyeing to have a cross

Adriana Lima Ankle Foot Tattoos

Adriana Lima is a sexy breathtakingly beautiful Brazilian model, known for her work with Victoria's Secret, Esquire and Giorgio Armani.Adriana Lima has a single, two piece tattoo design which is located on her left inner ankle and foot, the design appears to be a sharp claw looking tribal inspired tattoo, along with a twinkling star.

John Leguizamo Tattoos

ohn Leguizamo is an excellent Colombian-born American actor, comedian and producer, known for his role in movies such as Super Mario Bros, Romeo + Juliet and Land of the Dead.John Leguizamo has been spotted with a couple of tattoos, one of which is a Aztec design located on his right shoulder. He has also been seen with a 3D spiderweb tattoo on his chest, however this design was for the movie,

Amy Lita Dumas Sexy Tattoos

Amy Dumas, better known by her stage name Lita, is an American singer and professional wrestler, known for her work as WWE Diva.Amy 'Lita' Dumas has a few tattoos which are quite visible, including an Asian oni demon mask on her right shoulder, plus numerous voodoo skulls on her left arm and shoulder area.Lita is also said to have a few other tattoo designs, including Chinese symbols on her upper

Challenge #16 sponsered by Whiff of Joy

 Goodmorning ladies (and maybe gentlemen?), only 4 days before Christmas and we hope you will have a great time with your friends and family. 

We will have a bloghop next Saturday December 24th. It starts here on this blog at 10 AM (Dutch Time) and will last untill December 29th. We will announce the winners on this blog ;o) and ofcourse on the personal blogs of the DT-members. You can win some great prizes when you leave a comment on their blogs and on this one here. Hope you all can join in this hop ;o)
This weeks Challenge is without a twist, we do that again next time. This weeks sketch is made by Carol and our sponsor is Whiff of Joy. Thank you Katharina for sponsoring us these two weeks.

Whiff of Joy offers a vide variety of high-quality, deeply-etched, red rubber stamps, exclusive metal dies and various other craft related products. We are continuously expanding our product range to bring you the best and newest ideas on the market. Share our passion to create homemade gifts and cards for your loved ones. With the products of Whiff of Joy you will always be able to highlight a magical moment in somebody’s life. Visit the Whiff of Joy webshop here.

And now for some little inspiration, here are the cards the Design Team made for you as samples ;o) You can click on the names and you go straight to their personal blogs to see the details about their cards ;o) They love to recieve your comments ...This week's sketch is made by Carol and you can find that sketch at the end of this post. Please do not post it on your blog but link to our blogpost. Thank you again ;o)

Made by Carol

Made by Claire

Made by Janneke
Sorry no card from her this time ;o)

Made by Karin (GDT)

Made by Linda

Made by Marion
Marion is still busy training with her dog Sjors :o) And found time this morning to make this card for you all!

Made by Monique

Made by Nicole

Made by Renata

Made by Sandra (GDT)

Made by Wilma

Made by Betina

Here is the sketch that Carol made for you this time ;o) You can rotate the sketch and resize the elements, as long as you follow the original sketch and use a stamped image or digistamp, that way your entry qualifies for the prize draw. To join the challenges and to be eligible for the prize made ​​available by the sponsor of this challenge, we have a few rules. You can find them here.

We hope you join us again, this last regular Christmas Challenges {with sketches}. 
And of course we hope to see you this Saterday at our bloghop :o)

Enjoy cardmaking!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top 3 and Winner Challenge #15

 Thank you for joining us at challenge #15. There were so many beautiful cards to choose from, to bad some of you didn't use twine and a charm on the card ;o) So maybe you can read the post a little bit more careful to see if there is a twist on the challenge, but you did an amazing job, so grdat to see all those Christmas and Winter cards. Betina has chosen a top three and we have a random winner. 

Here is the top three ...
23 Miranda  

And the winner is:
And #30 is Femke from Kaartenknutsels van Femke
You won the last challenge and therefore the great price sponsored by Stempelstudio
Please email us before Saturday December 24th to claim your price.
And here is the card she made

Congratulations Femke o:)
Girls you can find your bagdes on the top of the blog ;o)

See you in a hour!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Jerry Lawler Crown Tattoo

Jerry "The King" Lawler is a legendary American professional wrestler, commentator and actor, who has won more than 140 championships over the course of his lengthy career.Jerry Lawler is known to have a single tattoo located on his left wrist, and the design is a small kings crown. Checkout the pictures below.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Unique Jude Law Tattoos

Jude Law is a fabulous English actor, producer and director who has starred in the movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence, The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain.Jude Law has been spotted with a handful of tattoos, including Gothic initials "JL", along with what appears to be a circle of ants or other bugs, located on his right forearm.Snorkeling while showing off some artwork on his right

Butterfly tattoos for women, sexy tattoos for girls

Butterfly tattoos are this kind of beautiful fine art creations. It symbolizes femininity, frailty and meekness. Because butterflies are aerial beings and adore to fly, it may also be a sign of becoming free of charge. Dipping from a single flower to an additional, a butterfly enjoys sweet nectar, much like ladies who make themselves really feel cared for and comforted.But to not overlook that

Henna tattoo design, Great Tattoos Design

Finding a great Henna tattoo design is like striking gold for a lot of people. It's great when people are able to find exactly what they want, but this is happening far less often than it tsed to. The web is so saturated with generic artwork that people just can't seem to pin point the qualitydesigns out there. This is why the next couple of tips will help you locate the truly superb material you

Sexy Nursing Maternity Bra with Tattoos

Sexy Nursing Maternity Bra with TattoosIn this time team Full Body Tattoos was get a review about a candidate who happens to new mothers experiencing pregnancy new one month old, in that image of the mother's stomach is not too swollen but he forced himself to tattoo pregnant at the time, looks very sexy is not the prospective mother is pregnant with underwear and a bra that is designed for

drake tattoo

drake tattooIf you know Drake's track with Rick Ross called Free Spirit, then you know the rhyme that goes, “Tat my name on you so I know it's real. ...

 drake tattoo
 drake tattoo
 drake tattoo
drake tattoo

Friday, December 16, 2011

Chinese and Japanese Tribal Dragon Tattoos (01)

Dragon tattoos are one of the most popular designs all over the world. It can go in any category, whether abstraction, naturalistic, dedication, stylized or combination tattoos.

Throughout history, dragon tattoos have never been out of fashion and had been used as a symbol in some parts of the world. It can be drawn as menacing or regal depending on your choice of design.

Dragon tattoos come

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Belly Tattoo

Has a woman anytime came appear you on a bank and you accept noticed her abdomen tattoo? It seems to draw your eyes anon to her axis and surrounding area. Abdomen tattoos can attending actual animal and depending aloft the architecture called to enhance the femininity. Choosing a boom on this allotment of the anatomy can be adjustable in the architecture and size.

The Belly Tattoo

The Belly Tattoo

This accurate architecture actualization dates aback hundreds of years and was mostly beat by Indian women. The women of today additionally accept their abdomen button broken forth with accepting a abdomen tattoo. The aggregate of the two together, if done in the appropriate design, attending amazing and absolutely sensual. If you are because accepting both of these things done, again it is best to analysis with your anatomy piercer or boom artisan to set up a time anatomy for this.

The Belly Tattoo

The Belly Tattoo

The Belly Tattoo

For a feminine boom architecture for your abdomen does not beggarly aloof necessarily your abdomen button area. This can additionally beggarly extending from aloof beneath your breast to appear bottomward the ancillary of your abdomen and about your abdomen button as well. Most tattoos of this actualization are actual intricate in architecture and generally are advised with alien plants, flowers or vines.

The Belly Tattoo

The Belly Tattoo

Tips to accede about abdomen tattoos:

* The axis boom ability be a little adamantine to booty affliction of and advance the attending of if there is weight gain. Could possibly amplitude and sag. 

* If you are because children. Think about how this may aftereffect your boom appearance. A boom will tend to aggrandize as the abdomen expands.

 * Ask the boom artisan for admonition for affliction and aliment and how the boom will change over time.

Never get a boom because it is accepted or addition told you to. Getting active is a austere activity time decision, that requires consideration, anticipation and analysis afore you accomplish any decision.

The Belly Tattoo

The Belly Tattoo

The Belly Tattoo

The Belly Tattoo

The Belly Tattoo

The Belly Tattoo

The Belly Tattoo

The Belly Tattoo

The Belly Tattoo

The Belly Tattoo

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top 10 Butt Tattoos Design Picture 2012 New

Top 10 Butt Tattoos Design 2012Top 10 Butt Tattoos Design 2012

Top 10 Arm Tattoos Design Wallpaper 2012 latest

Top 10 Arm Tattoos Design Wallpaper 2012Arm Tattoos Design Wallpaper 2012

Top 10 Ankle Tattoo Art Pictures 2012 New

Top 10 Ankle Tattoo Art Pictures 2012        Top 10 Ankle Tattoo Art Pictures 2012

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos, Cool Tribal Tattoo Ideas

 Hawaiian tattoos are an old custom that has existed for centuries among those native to Hawaii. They often covered the entire body of the native islander, and even to this day many natives practice the old tradition of praying to the tattoo god each time a member of the village receives a tattoo design. Hawaiian tattoos have a meaning; they are not just gotten for the sake of getting one. They

Joker Tattoos Design, One off Cool Clown Tattoo

Why are Joker tattoos such a popular design? They are likely more popular among those who are either devout fans of the Batman comic, movie and television series, or get pleasure from the association the joker has with mischievousness.The joker meaning is usually one or the other - foolish or full of mischief and a little evil. The popularity of the Jokertattoo is more much dominant among men

Top 10 Love and Heart Tattoos Design wallpapers 2012 new

Top 10 Love and Heart Tattoos Design 2012Top 10 Love and Heart Tattoos Design 2012

Top 10 Asian Tattoo Design Wallpapers 2012 Men & Women

Top 10 Asian Tattoo Design Wallpapers 2012Top 10 Asian Tattoo Design Wallpapers 2012

Top 10 Lotus Flower Tattoos Design Picture 2012 Men & Women

Top 10 Lotus Flower Tattoos 2012Top 10 Lotus Flower Tattoos Design 2012

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rose Tribal Tattoos, the Best Flower Tattoos Design

Rose tattoos are between probably the most adaptable and favored designs of system artwork picked these days.The attractiveness of those styles transcend gender, and is really well-liked by each males and females. It could be of any dimension and could be positioned anyplace close to the system, based about the creativeness with the person putting on Rose tattoos.Arm Rose TattooJust since the

Cute Fairy Tattoos Design, Best Tattoo for Girls

In situation you're out anyplace all through the summer or spring, you'll observe females putting on fairy tattoos in numerous cities across the globe. fairy tattoos are gorgeous too as substantial designs that might be personalized in a lot of various methods. The majority of designs are exclusive towards the person that's putting on the tattoo because no two individuals have the identical idea

Elegant Koi Fish Tattoos Designs for Men Ideas

Koi fish tattoos is 1 with the most sought following tattoo styles simply because of its symbolical meaning and artistic appeal. This fish have bright and vibrant colours and they're recognized to represent great luck and struggles in life. They belongs towards the exact same loved ones as Carp and will also be well-known for their powerful characteristics for example perseverance, vitality and

Beautiful Tribal Flower Tattoos Design for Girls

Tribal Flower Tattoos designers make the design of flower, animal and religious symbols and tribal flower tattoos are great variation of art and it is being greatly used by worldwide tattoo lovers. Tribal flower tattoos are one type of ancient tattoo that can make you feel the essence of great cultural heritage.There is huge number of people are recognizing the value of the its body art. The bold

Challenge #15 sponsored by Stempelstudio

Hi all, today we have a new challenge for you ;o) From now one we have not only a sketch but now and then we have also a twist at the challenges. So read this post carefully so you do not mis the twist ;o) 
We will not do that everytime but now and then!
Today Karin and Sandra start as Guest Designers and again we love to thank you for joining us! Hope you have fun girls and I am sure you all will love their cards ;o) And we also have a new DT Member Marga. Welcome girl, great to see you here ;o) She will join us in the new year .. 
This week sponsor is Stempelstudio

For over six years now, Stempelstudio has been the webshop for stamping- addicts. has a wide variety of stamps and stamping accessories for both the beginning as the advanced stamper. We have a wide range of “artsy” stamps like Paperartsy, Darkroom Door and Aspects of Design stamps. And ofcourse we also have a lot of “cute” stamps including the Penny Black, Kraftin Kimmie, Bildmalarna and House Mouse brands. If you’re looking for something in between then Sweet Pea and Hero Arts are the brands for you! We are also always actively looking for new stamping brands.

Service is very important to us, so the customer is always king in our store! And that’s why we have standardized low shipping costs. And if you order for €55,- or more, we’ll pay the shipping for you! (Netherlands only For international shipping; see website.)

On our blog you can read the latest news and participate in a monthly “challenge” where you can win amazing stamps! So don’t hesitate and come take a look at Of course you’re always welcome to come by and visit us to browse around our stamps while sipping a cup of tea at Verzetlaan 31 in Schagen. But please let us know beforehand that you’re coming, because we do not have a regular store, but all the stamps are in Karin’s livingroom…
Thank you Karin for sponsoring us these two weeks ;o) You can win this amazing price

And now for some little inspiration, here are the cards the Design Team made for you as samples ;o) You can click on the names and you go straight to their personal blogs to see the details about their cards ;o) They love to recieve your comments ...This week's sketch is made by Betina and you can find that sketch at the end of this post. Please do not post it on your blog but link to our blogpost. Thank you again ;o) 

And the twist at this Challenge, to use a CHARM and TWINE on your card.

Made by Betina

Made by Carol

Made by Claire

Made by Janneke

Made by Karin (GDT)

Made by Linda
Is away on a training week with her Assistance Dog Sjors, and look what I found on Facebook ;o)
I hope it is oke to use this photo, look how much fun they have  ...

Made by Monique

Made by Nicole
Made by Renata

Made by Sandra (GDT)

Made by Wilma
Here is the sketch that Betina made for you this time ;o) You can rotate the sketch and resize the elements, as long as you follow the original sketch and use a stamped image or digistamp, that way your entry qualifies for the prize draw. And do not forget to use a CHARM and TWINE on your card this Challenge!! To join the challenges and to be eligible for the prize made ​​available by the sponsor of this challenge, we have a few rules. You can find them here.
Have fun you all! And remember, it's not long before it's Christmas :o))